TaskDialog Emulation Library

Have you ever wanted to be able to use task dialogs in your application without being limited to Windows Vista as a target operating system? Sure, you can always check the operating system version, then just show a message box on those that don't support task dialogs. But that creates another problem, now you have two sets of dialogs to maintain and localize.

Well, fear no more, thanks to this nifty little library that will emulate the task dialog functionality for you on downlevel operating systems. Now, your application can have a richer user experience no matter if your users are running Windows Vista or not!

All versions of Windows NT starting from 4.0 are supported, x86 and x64! It is also 100% high-DPI compatible!

Furthermore, this library is totally free to use and redistribute.
(Some restrictions apply for commercial applications. License details in included .chm file)


Still not convinced? Take a look at these screenshots:

Generic task dialog under Windows VistaGeneric task dialog under Windows XP

Some mock dialogs made using this tool, modified to use the library:

Reboot confirmation dialog under Windows VistaReboot confirmation dialog under Windows XP

Software activation dialog under Windows VistaSoftware activation confirmation dialog under Windows XP